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Campaign Tracking

Always keep an eye on

your Influencer Campaigns

With influencer tracking, you can get a complete overview of an influencer’s posts and stories from the moment you start the tracking and add the creator to one or more campaigns.

You can see the date of the post, the hashtags and mentions used, the number of likes and comments, and a preview of the post.

Additionally, you can filter the results to search for your own hashtags, mentions, or links used in stories and posts (swipe-up links). With this feature, you no longer need to manually check or ask the influencer how a campaign is performing. Stories can be saved in the campaign tracking and can be viewed on influData even after 24 hours have passed.

"You can also view all the posts and stories of the tracked influencers that have been published since you added them to a campaign."

Example of how a created campaign with the name Fitness & Film could look in the influData app with Influencer profiles shown and how many posts they had with a certain hashtag

Why you should track Influencers

Know your numbers

Influencer campaigns should always be tracked to see whether the campaign has paid off for your brand or not. Were the goals you defined beforehand achieved? Campaign tracking helps you to see how often your brand and/or your product were mentioned in the posts, reels and stories of the creators and whether the company's own hashtag was used.

Compare past campaigns

If you have run several influencer campaigns, you can use it to monitor the development of your business and compare the different campaigns with each other. This gives you the opportunity to further optimize your influencer marketing strategy and be better prepared for future influencer negotiations.

Screenshot from the influData App, shoing the Campaign Tracking section (the Influencer Tracking section) where one Influencer profile is looked at in detail, showing the dates of posts, the used mentions and hashtags, as well as the likes, comments and a preview picture

How can I set up an influencer campaign?

1. Label your campaigns

Name your campaign, add all the hashtags, mentions and the link you want our search engine to track.

2. Choose your Creators

Add the name of the influencers you want to track and you're ready to go!

3. Let's go

From the moment you started the tracking and added the creators to one or more campaigns, you are successfully tracking the campaigns.

Example of how to create a new campaign in influData by entering campaign name, campaign description, mentions and hashtags