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Johannes Rusinger, CEO and Founder

Looking back at the last few years, I am impressed by influData’s development. I have always had a passion for data. Together with my partner Adil Sbai, I recognized the enormous potential in the field of influencer marketing. We took on the challenge of starting a company from scratch.

One partner, plus one investor, and five years later I’m part of a great team that got us here. I think the key to success is to consider all ideas as a team, to work together, to approach innovation together, and to always stay on the ball. This is exactly where we put a lot of emphasis on flat hierarchies and a tremendous amount of trust!

Our goal is to work together to make data analytics and metrics accessible to every company and brand. This allows our customers to integrate our tool into their everyday workflow and work efficiently in a transparent influencer marketing industry.

"A team with a common vision and a common goal" - Johannes Ruisinger, CEO & Founder
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Our Team

Johannes Ruisinger - CEO, CTO, Founder at influData

Johannes Ruisinger

CEO, CTO, Founder

Our CEO Johannes Ruisinger loves data and has already thrown himself into this heart project after his degree in psychology in order to bring the influencer as well as social media marketing of our customers to the next level.

Always open to new ideas, he leads the entire weCreate Data GmbH team.

Imanuel Jakubow - Key Account Executive at influData

Imanuel Jakubow

Teamlead Sales & Business Development Manager

Our Senior Sales & BD Manager has made a 180° turn from the pharmaceutical industry to the SaaS world in February 2020.

Always up to date, he leads the Sales Department and pushes it like a real winner. His motivation inspires and infects everyone.

Jonathan Voth - Head of Customer Success at influData

Jonathan Voth

Head of Customer Success

Recruited from influencerDB, Jonathan has been part of our influFam since March 2021 and looks after our existing clients and their concerns on a daily basis.

His likeability and resilience are highly appreciated not only by our clients but also in the team.

Melita Mujicic - Customer Success Manager at influData

Melita Mujicic

Customer Success Manager

From freelancer to sales manager to customer success manager. Since 2020, Meli has been through almost every department at influData at least once.

Meli, who grew up in America, looks after our international customers and is always ready to help, regardless of the time of day or which country they are from.

Timo-Alexander Wagner - Head of Marketing at influData

Timo-Alexander Wagner

Head of Marketing

Timo has been our Head of Marketing since June 2022. He gives our team a lot of professional and personal input from his previous professional experience and highly values good and respectful communication.

With his honest nature and great expertise, he not only improves our marketing department, but also the well-being of the team.

Michael Johnson - Customer Success Manager at influData

Michael Johnson

Marketing Manager

He may not be the professional track and field athlete, but he is influData's professional Marketing Manager. Michael Johnson joined our team in November 2022. Previously, Mike worked for a company in the Crypto Currencies industry, so he is well equipped to handle all things digital.

Currently in the last stage of his studies, our native Brit loves to travel, preferably in Seville with his girlfriend.

Maximilian Horn - Finance Manager at influData

Maximilian Horn

Finance Manager

Our Max from Munich has already been our contact person since 2019 when it comes to money and/or finances.

In addition to finances, he always has a helping hand for the entire team. He is a real team player.

Part of the influData team sitting together on the office rooftop

Our Values

Familial environment

Small team? No, more like a small family. With us, cohesion is in the foreground. We are an open and honest team that likes to get involved and look forward together. All this with flat hierarchies. Because everything we achieve, we achieve as a team. What was it called again? Ah yes, "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together"


We know that not everyone marches to the same beat. And that's a good thing. Because variety and diversity move us forward. We are a young team consisting of the most colorful personalities. It doesn't matter to us where you come from or what university you studied at. We're all about enthusiasm and drive. That's where we all bring our own stories, strengths and opinions.

Trust & Transparency

Our working atmosphere is built on trust. To maintain mutual trust, we are completely transparent as a team. We celebrate our victories and address our concerns. It's important to know where we are as a company and the direction we're headed.

influData Benefits

Nowadays, it takes more than a good salary to acquire and retain good employees. That's why we offer benefits that ease our daily grind and guarantee a healthy work-life balance:


You shape your day! Thanks to our flextime agreement, you can get up to 5 additional days off per year!

Home office

You don't want to come to the office every day? No problem. Working from home every now and then is simply more pleasant. With the added benefit of the right equipment, of course.


Regular events simply strengthen our team spirit. From a normal hike to high-wire climbing... we are always open for new, joint activities.


Because a change of scenery every now and then can refresh your creativity and spirit, we also offer the possibility to do workations and work from abroad.

Continuing Education

We move forward together! We offer you opportunities for further education because your personal as well as professional development is important to us!

Wiener Linien Ticket

To stay mobile and protect the environment at the same time.


To get lunch.

Living room office

With ergonomic chairs + adjustable desks.

Internal library

With personal favorite books and the possibility to borrow books at any time.

Fresh fruits

Plus lots of drinks + special requests every Monday in the office.

Family environment

Flat hierarchies and a receptive ear for everyone on the team.

Branding Alert

Our mega cool (fluffy as well as vegan) branded sweater, for you to join our mafia :)

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Find out, what he has to say about influData, the product, and the company’s vision.

In 10 years, our goal is to grow and expand around the world amidst the tough competition and make influData the most trusted social media marketing tool worldwide - Johannes Ruisinger, CEO & Founder
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