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Pioneers in Shorts

Our main focus is on platforms with 9:16 content. We have used our knowledge and experience from other platforms to build the best analytics for YouTube Shorts and – of course – regular YouTube creators.

Our vision is to enable brands to enter new markets as quickly as possible, which is the reason why YouTube Shorts was available in our database only weeks after its launch.

YouTube Shorts is not yet as well-known compared to TikTok and Instagram Reels, however, we recommend getting into shorts influencer marketing as early as possible and taking advantage of what this platform has to offer.

Our ultra-fast, AI-powered Discovery – including our Category Search – will help you find the perfect Creators for your brand and target niches accurately. AI-driven profile summaries help you further evaluate the suitability of the found creators.

“The audiences of YouTube influencers are more connected to the creator compared to other platforms. This makes it the perfect channel for products that require more trust.”

Presentation of an example influData quality score, follower history and average views of an Influencer

Why you should use YouTube for Influencer Marketing

1. More time to explain the features of your product

Other platforms don’t have long form videos, which makes it hard to explain more complex products properly. YouTube videos are usually more than 10 minutes long. Sponsored content of 1-2 minutes is possible within the video, which allows for more detailed explanations.

2. Shorts are heavily pushed by YouTube

Similar to TikTok's influencer market, your brand can benefit from the almost untouched market: Collaborations cost less on average. Videos can go viral faster and reach millions of viewers.

3. Get the best insights from collaborations

YouTube’s insights into the viewing statistics are incredibly sophisticated. You can see exactly how many people viewed or skipped the sponsored content, and also which demographic the audience has.

4. Cover more formats on one platform

YouTube and YouTube Shorts are different formats and many influencers cover both. This means that you can collaborate on 9:16 formats and also on classic videos without having to switch platforms.

Representation of influData Audience Analysis with focus on language, gender, audience breakdown and word clouds.
Numerous statistics and graphics for the Audience Engagement of a YouTube Creator regarding his videos, shown in the influData app

Our Main Features For Millions Of Influencers

Search Requests

We don’t limit our search. That way, we give you the chance to search the influencer market as long as you want - without any limitations.


Each search provides you with thousands of influencers, based on your search criteria. Our smart sorting algorithm displays the influencer that might be most useful for your campaign first.

Search by Country, City, Subscribers, Keywords, Gender

Every brand is different, and so are influencers. We give you the freedom to change the search parameters in any way you’d like and provide you with a free text search that detects any information in the bio or even in the post captions.

Search by Growth

Find only the fastest growing influencers. You can filter out influencers who have a low growth rate or are even losing followers and secure the up-and-coming stars in your niche.

Specific Search by Audience

Don’t only search for the influencer’s metrics alone. You can find influencers that have audiences from different countries, and you can even add a minimum percentage for that. The same goes for the gender distribution and the age groups of the followers.

FAQs - Influencer Marketing on YouTube

1. How can I find the most suitable influencers?

You can discover more than 5 million YouTube profiles in our database. To find the perfect influencers for your brand, you can easily narrow down the results using our search criteria.

2. How can I find influencers in my city or country?

Just enter your city or country in our search filter. You will then only be shown influencers who have indicated the desired country or city in their bio, under the posts or in the location that was linked in the posts.

3. How much does it cost to work with an influencer on YouTube?

You can find the CPM (cost per one thousand views) for each influencer in our database under the Smart Media Value. We calculate this based on the reach of previous posts, the quality of influencers and where the audience is based in the world. This will give you an estimate of how much you would pay to work with them.

Screenshot from the influData App, showing the Smart Media Value Statistics for an Influencer. They show the Amount due per Video and Short that one may need to pay for a Video or Short of this Influencer