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Organize & Collect

Use Collections and Comments

for effictive Creator Management

Use collections to store your influencers for your next campaign. Additionally, any member can create private and public collections and can decide who can view and edit each collection.

Collections are not only useful for accumulating creators for the next campaign, but also for comparing them with each other and identifying possible overlaps between audiences.

Give your collections meaningful names and design them according to your preferred criteria. Save your favorite creators in “Favorites” in order to move them to different collections. Influencers can be added to collections manually via the icon or easily dragged and dropped between collections.

"Keep track by creating collections and adding comments directly to the creators. This way you are always up-to-date."

List of Creator profiles in influData who were added to a Collection.

Everything at a glance

Rate your influencers

In Collections, you can save influencers according to your preferred criteria and give them a rating. This rating is not visible to other users, except for company-wide use.

Create categories for your influencers

Create Collections to categorize Creators. This allows you to compare the audiences of multiple creators using the Overlap feature - ideal for getting to know your creators even better.

Document your influencer collaborations

Keep track of your various influencer campaigns: document the status of the collaboration and note down contact details. Save your collections, quality scores and favorites with our CSV export for your campaign planning.

Example of how to create a new campaign in influData by entering campaign name, campaign description, mentions and hashtags
Example of how to add comments and additional information to a created campaign in the influData app


Team Members

Add your colleagues or members of your team and work together on influencer research and collecting the right influencers for the campaigns.

Favorites & Collections

Use your collections or your favorites to store the influencers you want to work with or might just keep in mind. Additionally, any member can create private and public collections and can decide who can view and edit each collection.

Custom Fields

Add as many custom fields to all your influencers and collect individual and private information, like dates, yes/no fields or multi-select fields.


All of your team members can discuss and work together on influData.

Audience Overlap

Which percentage of the followers between two or more influencers is the same? We give you several ways to check the overlap between two individual influencers and even between all influencers in a collection.

CSV- /Excel Exports

Export collections and campaigns in CSV format or as an Excel file and extract all the data you need.