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Our Core Platform

Instagram has been the cornerstone of influData for more than three years. Over 20 million influencers and brands can be found and analyzed.

The AI-driven discovery offers a category search as well as demographic search parameters like country, city, language, or gender, but also a free text search that lets you search millions of posts, reels, and stories – no matter how exotic your niche is. Our Audience Search on the other hand lets you find influencers by the demographics of their community.

Additionally, artificial intelligence summarizes creator profiles based on their content to make your search results even better and save you a lot of time assessing if an influencer really is the perfect fit for you.

In 2022, influData also added a Content Search, making it the only influencer search platform that shows content based on keywords, mentions, and also by location. The results are presented in a list or directly on a map.

“Find any content piece or creator that ever tagged your brand account.”

Display of the influData search function with the filter options country, cities, followers, views per post, plays per reel, language and gender.

Why you should use Instagram for Influencer Marketing

1. The most experienced influencers and still the largest user base

Instagram has been around for just under 12 years and has over 2 billion monthly active users. Influencer marketing has a long history on Instagram. Therefore, millions of successful brand collaborations are conducted on this platform. It's easy to reach a lot of users, and you have high chances of finding a suitable influencer for your niche.

2. The best data on influencers and the most analytics

Since agencies and influencer tools have been working with Instagram for years, it's pretty easy to figure out if an influencer has a fake audience or is performing poorly. You can also find metrics for all kinds of relevant information you need for your next campaign.

3. No platform has a higher number of influencers

Instagram is used almost worldwide and the number of influencers who have already collaborated with brands is huge. Even with small, very specific audiences, you can launch campaigns with hundreds of influencers.

4. The largest amount of learning material and case-studies

Lots of brands published case studies about their campaigns on Instagram and offer their learnings for free. There is also content on how exactly to start a successful campaign, how much to pay for a cooperation and the industry's best practices.

Representation of influData Audience analysis by Younes Zarou according to origin gender language and age groups.
Representation of the analysis of Younes Zarou's Instagram profile in influData.

Our Main Features for over 20 million influencers

Search Requests

We don’t limit our search. That way, we give you the freedom to search the influencer market as long as you want without any limitations.


Each search provides you with thousands of influencers, based on your search criteria. Our smart sorting algorithm displays the influencer that might be most useful for your campaign first.

Search by Country, City, Followers, Keywords, Gender

Every brand is different, and so are influencers. We give you the freedom to manipulate the search parameters in any way you’d like and provide you with a free text search that detects any information in the bio or even in the post captions.

Search by Growth

Find only the fastest growing influencers. You can filter out influencers who have a low growth rate or are even losing followers and secure the up-and-coming stars in your niche.

Specific Search by Audience

Don’t search for the influencer’s metrics alone. You can find influencers that have audiences from different countries, and you can even add a minimum percentage. The same goes for the gender distribution and the age groups of the followers.

FAQs - Influencer Marketing on Instagram

1. How can I find the best fitting influencers and creators?

Use keywords and hashtags that best fit your niche. Try to find influencers who have already mentioned your brand in posts, stories and reels. Once you've found influencers that match, you can search for similar accounts that have a large audience overlap.

2. How can I start a campaign on Instagram?

influData provides you with all the essential features that you need to start a campaign from scratch. You are able to use influencer sourcing via our discovery, analytics and audience insights of fitting influencers and also with tracking of running campaigns.

3. How am I able to identify fake influencers?

influData provides you with different metrics, that determine, if the influencer bought fake followers, used the follow-unfollow strategy or participated in any other unusual activity. Besides that, we provide an overview of the audience and show the amount of followers that are real and engaging users.

4. How much does it cost to work with an influencer on Instagram?

You can find the CPM (cost per one thousand views) of Stories, Posts and Reels for each Instagram influencer on influData. We calculate this based on the reach of previous posts, the quality of influencers and where the audience is based in the world.

Sample analysis of an influencer's authenticity in influData. Inactive followers and suspicious activities, such as follow-unfollow, fake followers, deactivated post-likes or an inactive profile are evaluated.