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Influencer Analysis

Analyze the Performance &

Audience of your Creator

Over 50 metrics will help you evaluating if a Creator is right for you and a good fit for you and your brand.

Check the exact location, gender, age groups and language of your influencers’ audiences.

Get insights into the Creator’s performance on different platforms, in past campaigns, or how real and engaged the followers are. In addition, we provide follower history for many influencers over the last 3 years.

The scoring is our main feature. We’ve helped many brands identify bad influencers and avoid unsuccessful campaigns. We compare influencers with similar influencers based on the frequency of posts, stories and reels. Likewise, we compare and evaluate the growth rate as well as engagement of posts based on likes and comments with similar creators. We also compare the views per reel, the average dwell time per reel and the engagement of the reels with similar influencers.

Last but not least, get the latest insights on brand collaborations and see which brands the influencers have partnered with. Find out what percentage of their posts, stories, and reels are sponsored content pieces.

"We provide at the push of a button what you can otherwise only find out very, very effortfully via a manual search."

Extract from the influData app showing statistics and analytics for an Influencer, to show the Audience & Analytics function

All data at a glance

Quality analyses

No more campaigns with fake influencers! Instantly identify fake followers and engagement with our quality analytics. Get insights into the audience breakdown, engagement, and creator performance.


Always authentic: We provide you with all insights on suspicious actions such as follow-unfollow activities, inactive profiles or mass followers. So you're always on the safe side when choosing your influencers!

Profile statistics

With us, you'll get key stats like engagement, growth rate, media views per post, views per story, and even average views per reel.

Compare multiple audiences

We not only show you the audience of a single influencer, but also give you the aggregated statistics of all influencers within a collection you have created. This way, you can plan the target group of your campaign precisely, without having to analyze and compare every single influencer manually.

Brand Value

With our brand value analysis, we show you how the last collaborations of an influencer or brand went, who they worked with and what results were achieved.

Screenshot of the influData app showing the brand value of an influencer, including timeline and content pieces
Screenshot from the influData App, showing the Audience Allocation (into Real People, Suspicious Accounts, Influencer and Mass Followers) as well as the Most Used Mentions by the Influencer's Audience

All insights on the audience & performance of your Creator

Audience Type

As you might know, not all followers are real and engaging. We check each follower, if he or she is active, engaging and natural or if this is a follower that follows thousands of other influencers, if the follower is an influencer themselves or if this is a completely inactive profile.

Average Audience of a group of influencers

We not only provide you with the audience of any individual influencer, we also give you the accumulated audience and reach of all users in one collection. This way you can plan your overall reach and target group for your campaigns without comparing each influencer individually.

Audience Overlap

What part of the followers between two or more influencers are the same? We give you several ways to check the overlap between two individual influencers and even between all influencers in a collection.

Brands & Sponsored Posts

Get the latest insights on the collaboration with brands and check the brands that the influencer has collaborated with. Check what percentage of their posts, stories and reels include a mention of a brand.

Chrome Extension

Never switch tabs when browsing on Instagram. We provide you with all the information you need, like audience or engagement, and give possibilities to add users to collections.