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Find up to 10 Million Instagram Influencers worldwide with up-to-date metrics and statistics. Add influencers within seconds in the rare event that they are not in our database.


Find up to 5 Million TikTok Creators worldwide and add new creators in seconds.


Find up to 2 Million YouTube and YouTube Shorts Creators. influData is the first tool that focuses on YouTube Shorts Creators.

Brands & Companies

Our AI algorithms can separate brands from influencers. This gives you the opportunity to gain insights into the most successful brand accounts.

Micro- and Macro Influencers

We find accounts from 2,000 followers and up. This allows you to launch campaigns in the micro influencer segment.

Search Engine

Search Requests

We don’t limit our search. That way, we give you the freedom to search the influencer market as long as you want without any limitations.

AI-powered Category Search & Summaries

Find the perfect Creators for your brand and target niches accurately with our ultra-fast, AI-driven discovery. Our advanced technology summarizes profiles based on content and identifies the ideal category match, which makes your search even faster and more accurate!

AI lookalike search

Our brand-new AI lookalike search is an absolute game-changer in influencer discovery. Find creators that match the characteristics of up to 3 selected brands or 10 other creators. Easily enter up to three brands or ten creators that match you and your company and after a few moments you will receive a list of lookalikes of these brands or creators!


Each search provides you with thousands of influencers, based on your search criteria. Our smart sorting algorithm displays the influencer that might be most useful for your campaign first.

Content Search

Search not only for creators or brands, but also directly for posts, videos, stories and reels! Sorted by Reach, you can search for any keyword, brand mentions and even locations related to the post. The map also shows you the exact location where the content was taken.

Category Search

When searching, select the category that best fits your brand and all influencers from this niche will be displayed.

Keyword Search

Our intuitive keyword search allows you to find exactly the creators you're looking for - no matter how exotic your niche may be. You can enter anything that defines your brand into the free text search.

Mention Search

If you search for mentions, you will find influencers who have mentioned or tagged your brand, your competitors or similar brands in their stories, posts or reels.

Search by Country, City, Followers and Gender

Every brand is different, and so are influencers. We give you the freedom to manipulate the search parameters in any way you’d like and provide you with a free text search that detects any information in the bio or even in the post captions.

Search by Growth

Find only the fastest growing influencers. You can filter out influencers who have a low growth rate or are even losing followers and secure the up-and-coming stars in your niche.

Specific Search by Audience

Don’t search for the influencer’s metrics alone. You can find influencers that have audiences from different countries, and you can even add a minimum percentage. The same goes for the gender distribution and the age groups of the followers.

Search by Views per Post or Plays per Reel

You can not only use the rather unreliable follower count to determine the size of the influencer, but rather search for the actual average views of each post or the median plays per reel.

Campaign Management

Tracking & Reporting

Keep tabs on every mention and hashtag with our Tracking and Reporting. Gain detailed insights into all important metrics and define your own KPIs to be tracked, including webhooks and product tracking links. Analyse the mood of your target group with our audience sentiment analysis and map out content with our calendar tool. Manage campaigns with ease and organise them as you like!

Brand Monitoring

View content from creators who have mentioned any given brand, neatly organized on an easy-to-navigate timeline. Get a detailed overview of collaborations, including the number, location, and duration of partnerships, as well as the media value generated.

Community Management

Community Management

By using influData’s Community Management, you can increase the visibility of your brand without investing in costly advertising. With real-time notifications that inform you about new content from top creators and trending influencers, you can be one of the first to comment, thus increasing the visibility of your comments. These comments are more likely to appear at the beginning of the feed and receive more likes.

Scoring & Benchmarking

Profile Statistics

We provide the most important statistics, such as engagement, growth rate, media plays per post, views per story or even average plays per reel. We also provide email addresses for most influencers, so you can contact them via email. In addition, we provide a graph of the follower count history over the last 3 years for many influencers.

Quality Analysis and Benchmarks

The scoring is our main feature. We've helped many brands identify bad influencers and avoid unsuccessful campaigns. We compare influencers with similar influencers based on the frequency of posts, stories and reels. Likewise, we compare and evaluate the growth rate as well as engagement of posts based on likes and comments with similar creators. We also compare the views per reel, the average dwell time per reel and the engagement of the reels with similar influencers.

Brands & Sponsored Posts

Get the latest insights on brand collaborations and see which brands the influencers have partnered with (and vice versa). Find out what percentage of their posts, stories, and reels include sponsored content pieces.

Price per Content (CPMs or cost per mille)

Know the price - Based on the influencer’s scores, statistics, audience and even their niche, we estimate the costs for stories, posts and reels and give you the value per 1000 impressions, but also for an average content piece.

Audience Insights

Location by Country

We provide you with the location of the audience and give you detailed information about what percentage and what absolute numbers of the audience is based in which countries. You will find the top 10 countries the influencer has an audience in.

Location by City

We go into even more detail and provide you with the top 10 cities the influencer has an audience in.


Make sure the audience speaks your language - we display the percentage and absolute numbers of followers that use a given language in their profiles and when they write comments.


What percentage of the audience is male and what part is female? Make sure that the audience of any given influencer is a part of your target group.

Audience Type

As you might know, not all followers are real and engaging. We check each follower, if he or she is active, engaging and natural or if this is a follower that follows thousands of other influencers, if the follower is an influencer themselves or if this is a completely inactive profile.

Age Groups and Average Age

We provide you with an age distribution of the influencer’s audience and give you their follower’s median age.

Average Audience of a group of influencers

We not only provide you with the audience of any individual influencer, we also give you the accumulated audience and reach of all users in one collection. This way you can plan your overall reach and target group for your campaigns without comparing each influencer individually

Audience Overlap

Which percentage of the followers between two or more influencers is the same? We give you several ways to check the overlap between two individual influencers and even between all influencers in a collection.

Collect & Teamwork

Team Members

Add your colleagues or members of your team and work together on influencer research and collecting the right influencers for the campaigns

Favorites & Collections

Use your collections or your favorites to store the influencers you want to work with or might just keep in mind. Additionally, any member can create private and public collections and can decide who can view and edit each collection.

Custom Fields

Add as many custom fields to all your influencers and collect individual and private information, like dates, yes/no fields or multi-select fields.


All of your team members can discuss and work together on influData.

Exports & Tools

PDF Exports

influData offers the possibility to export each profile as PDF with all statistics and metrics that you also find within the profile page. We also offer a white-label option to customize the reports and include or exclude any information you might need for the report.

CSV- /Excel Exports

Export collections and campaigns in CSV format or as an Excel file and extract all the data you need.

Chrome Extension

Never switch tabs when browsing on Instagram. We provide you with all the information you need, like audience or engagement, and give possibilities to add users to collections.


Optional: We offer access to our API to extract our data to your individual interface. Please contact us, if you need more information.

Campaign Tracking


Get a complete overview of an influencer's posts and stories from the moment you start tracking and add the creator to one or more campaigns. Click here for more info.


24/7 Chat Support / Phone Support / Mail Support

You can reach us any time via phone, chat or email and we are happy to support you in multiple languages.


Our FAQs answer the most important questions about our tool around the clock.


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