Campaign Management

Tracking, Reporting and Analytics

Campaign Management

Tracking and reporting influencer campaigns can be tedious and time-consuming. Excel sheets in which the data of dozens of creators has to be entered manually every week, plus the laborious monitoring of all postings and the comments on them. That costs time and nerves. With influData’s campaign management, there is no need for time-consuming, manual work to monitor and analyze your campaigns.

In addition to tracking campaigns and individual creators, our comprehensive campaign tracking and reporting offers, among other things, customizable dashboards, semantic and community analyses, ensuring your campaign truly resonates authentically with the target audience, as well as shitstorm warnings based on these analyses. Further audience insights and brand growth tracking are also included.

Supercharge your social media strategy with Campaigns by InfluData, designed for brands and agencies – regardless of their size.

Keep tabs on every mention and hashtag with our Tracking and Reporting. Gain detailed insights into all important metrics and define KPIs on your own that you like to have tracked. Analyse the mood of your target group with our audience sentiment analysis and map out content with our calendar tool. Manage campaigns with ease and organise them as you like!

Elevate your brand’s presence on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube using the latest AI technology. Join Campaigns by InfluData today, and explore our complete Feature List on the InCampaigns Webpage. Simply visit InCampaigns here.


Screenshot of influData's Campaign Management function, showing the sentiment analysis and content piece KPIs

Feature Overview

Complete Tracking & Reporting for Instagram, TikTok & YouTube

Monitor your brand's activities, track your brand mentions, posts, stories, reels, and videos as well as and engagement in real-time and stay up-to-date with your brand's performance on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Semantic Analytics by AI

Unlock deeper insights with our semantic AI analysis of comments. Get summaries of all comments, the positivity rate and even if there are controversial comments ("Shit-Storm Detection"). Get comments filtered that mention your brand.

Brand Growth Tracking

Get clear indications about your brand's growth and performance.

Audience Insights

Understand your reach - who your audience is, and where they're from. We offer detailed breakdowns by country, language, city, and age groups - all without connecting to creators.

Share Dashboards via Links

Easily distribute your campaign insights with colleagues, customers or your agency using direct shareable links.

Pipelines for Campaign Planning

Create funnels for your creators before the campaign even starts and sort them based on the current stage of your planning phase.

Set Campaign and Creator Goals

Set both campaign and creator goals to define objectives, measure success, and align creator performance with campaign objectives, allowing effective strategy adjustments.

Comprehensive Reporting Features for Strategic Campaign Insights

Access comprehensive reporting features, including top-performing creators, content release timelines, reach-based content assessment, most used keywords, audience demographics by country, language, gender, age, and city for precise campaign insights and optimizations.

Review & Download Latest Content

Easily access, evaluate, and save the most recent content from your campaigns for reference or future use.

Screenshot of influData's Campaign Management function, showing several graphs that analyze the targeted audience

Your Benefits of using InCampaigns by influData

Unparalleled Control

Gain exceptional control over your brand's social media presence.

Deep Insights

Achieve a profound understanding of your brand's online footprint.

Efficiency and Time Savings

With influData's Campaign Management Tool, you're not just overseeing actions; you're gaining knowledge and saving precious time.

Growth and Expansion

Expand your online reach, reaching new heights in your digital interactions.

Hidden Potential

Utilize an extensive toolkit tailored for businesses of all sizes to uncover concealed potential.

Essential for Success

Track the competition and stay ahead of the curve.