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Which percentage of followers of two or more influencers is the same? Check the audience overlap of up to 50 influencers and get an idea of the homogeneity of the followers. Also identify creators whose audiences do not match your target group.

The first step: Put all the creators you want to compare into one collection. From there, you can now not only compare the individual influencers with each other (which Influencer has how many followers, plays per post and what engagement), but also if and how their followers overlap and how the overall structure of the common audience is composed. The latter helps you see and understand if the selection of creators you’ve scheduled for a campaign is actually reaching your target audience. You no longer have to click through individual profiles and calculate whether the gender share, the age structure or the origin of the followers are still suitable – you can see everything at a glance!

"With the help of the Audience Overlap you can decide whether you want to target an audience only once or several times, to really take off with your campaign."

List of Creator profiles in influData who were added to a Collection.

Overall comparison & Individual comparison

Overall comparison

The Overall comparison shows you the percentage of Creator audiences that are within your collection and appear in more than one target group. A higher percentage means that homogeneity is high and more people can be reached by a campaign across all influencers in this collection twice or more.

Individual comparison

The Individual comparison provides the overlap between two specific influencers and shows the percentage of overlap. This percentage is always calculated from the lower number of followers from the two influencers.

Combination of Overall & Single comparison

With the combination of overall comparison and individual comparison, you can see if and through which Creators exactly, you reach your target audience several times. There are advantages and disadvantages to targeting your audience with only one creator or with multiple creators at the same time. No matter how you decide, with our insights you can make an informed decision!

Example of how influData displays the overlap of audiences of influencers added to a collection
Display of an audience analysis of influencers added to a collection. The origin, language, gender distribution and age groups of the influencer audience are analyzed.

The most important features of the Audience Overlap at one glance

Average Audience of a group of influencers

We not only provide you with the audience of any individual influencer, we also give you the accumulated audience and reach of all users in one collection. This way you can plan your overall reach and target group for your campaigns without comparing each influencer individually

Audience Overlap

Which percentage of the followers between two or more influencers is the same? We give you several ways to check the overlap between two individual influencers and even between all influencers in a collection.


1. What do I need to do to start a comparison?

Open the "Collections" section in the influData app and create a new collection there. Add all the Creators you want to compare and you're ready to go.

2. The comparison is not displayed for me! What do I have to do?

To see a comparison, all Audience Reports of the Creators must be unlocked. You can do this for each Influencer individually, or in the Collection on the "Audience" tab.

3. Is it better to have the highest or lowest overlap rate possible?

This depends on your campaign's objective. If you want to make sure that the target group is addressed particularly often, it makes sense to achieve the highest possible overlap rate. If you want to avoid creators getting in each other's way with their messages and posts, you should aim for the lowest possible overlap rate.