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6 Influencer Search Tools for Finding & Analyzing Influencers

03. July 2023
By: influData editorial staff
Reading time: 14 minutes

6 Influencer Search Tools for Finding and Analyzing Influencers

In the realm of marketing, influencers have emerged as a vital force for success. Whether you run a B2C business or work in the B2B sector, influencers are key to unlocking higher visibility, meaningful audience engagement, and potential conversions. 

Finding brand-fit influencers can be a daunting task, often more challenging than it seems at first glance. You can spend hours (or even days) manually scouring through social media to find the right match. But you’ll only get limited results that may not even fit the bill. 

Here’s the good news: an influencer search tool can make the job a lot easier for you. Such a tool can minimize the time and effort it takes to narrow your search and find the best candidates. On top of that, it can also offer a complete rundown of all your shortlisted influencers to help you make a strategic decision.

influData is one of those tools and was built with the aim of streamlining this process for marketers and business owners. But for sure, you have already recognized that influData is not the only one in the game.

That’s the reason we’ve compiled this quick guide comparing the top 6 influencer search tools for finding and analyzing influencers. We’ll break down each tool’s key features, pros, and cons. Let’s get started.

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What to look for in a tool for finding influencers

Before we jump to our list of tools, let’s first understand the key features to look for in an influencer marketing platform:

Top 6 Influencer Search Tools to find and analyze influencers 

Here are our top picks for influencer marketing tools to find and track your influencers:

1. influData

Screenshot of influData's Influencer Marketing Platform

The takeaway

A robust search engine with a database of over 20 million influencers (and around 64 million profiles available in total), equipped with advanced features like profile scoring, audience insights, influencer tracking, campaign reporting, and more.

influData is a powerful, all-inclusive influencer marketing platform built to simplify influencer partnerships for brands worldwide. The tool offers the best discovery function to help you search and filter through over 20 million vetted influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube/YouTube Shorts.

You can run limitless searches and categorize your search by demographics, audience stats, and niches. Plus, you can also find influencers mentioning your brand. 

influData can pinpoint the fastest-growing influencer in your search with the ‘growth rate’ filter. Instead of going for vanity metrics like the number of followers and likes, you can shortlist candidates with the highest potential for rapid growth.

What sets influData apart


influData offers transparent pricing for three packages. You can see all the features available in these plans and pick the best one for your needs. Additionally, you can also choose the All-In Plus plan and get a custom quote based on your needs.

Influencer Search Tool Plan of influData

2. Upfluence

Finding and Managing Influencers with an Influencer Marketing Tool

The takeaway

A combined solution for affiliate and influencer marketing with end-to-end functionality for finding, hiring, managing, and paying contributors. Upfluence is an affiliate and influencer search tool designed as a multi-purpose tool for finding and managing influencers. It also includes a feature to automate payments from brands and campaign managers to influencers. The tool’s influencer discovery function helps you make data-backed decisions for hiring brand-fit influencers. With its Instagram Influencer Search Tool, you can assess and compare influencer profiles for a variety of metrics. Plus, you can find influencers already within your customer network to drive more ROI faster.

What sets Upfluence apart 

Where Upfluence falls short is the depth of its audience insights. You won’t be able to get as specific nuances about every influencer’s audience and profile as influData. This puts you on the back foot because you’ll never accurately know if a creator is a good fit for your target audience or not. That’s like shooting in the dark!


The lack of transparent pricing on Upfluence’s page is another disadvantage. The fact that the pricing isn’t publicly available indicates a higher price point than competitors. More importantly, it also creates friction in the buying experience. 

Screenshot of an Influencer Marketing Search Tool's Prices

3. Traackr

Screenshot of an Influencer Marketing Solution

The takeaway

A complete influencer marketing solution with data-driven capabilities to supercharge campaigns with strong candidates. Traackr is a versatile influencer marketing platform designed for companies of all sizes – whether you’re a small business or a large-scale marketing agency. The platform offers a sophisticated function for finding influencers through brand mentions, hashtags, and relevant themes. You can filter and narrow your search using attributes like engagement rate, location, language, etc. Once you create a search, the tool also proactively recommends new influencers that fit your requirements.

What sets Traackr apart

However, Traackr’s creator management features don’t match up to the seamless flows available in other tools. You can’t manage communications and payments with your candidates with this platform. The search results also seem a bit inaccurate and not targeted enough. Additionally, Traackr does not offer a search for YouTube Shorts influencers.


Traackr’s pricing is not available publicly. This is a bad sign, indicating that their pricing is likely higher than other similar tools.

4. Iroin

Finding and Monitoring Influencers with a tool of a competitor

The takeaway

A huge influencer database to find, analyze, and verify influencer profiles across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Iroin is a dedicated platform for finding and monitoring influencers in Europe. With a database of over 262 million profiles, the tool empowers you to filter the results by factors like engagement rate, follower count, hashtags, fake followers, demographics, and more. Note: A major downside of such a big database is the fact that it includes a lot of raw, unstructured data, which is basically not usable. It can actually negatively impact your search results. The amount of usable profiles is much, much smaller! The granular audience data available in this influencer search tool ensures you choose only the best candidates for your campaigns. Besides, you can also kick-start conversations with your shortlisted influencers by sending them an automated invitation for collaboration.

What sets Iroin apart

However, Iroin falls short compared to other tools because it’s limited to the European market, specifically Germany. The tool’s overall interface and functions also don’t meet the benchmarks of a seamless customer experience.

Moreover, the tool is more expensive than most other influencer marketing software options. Additionally, Iroin does not offer a Content Search functionality and does not support searching for YouTube Shorts influencers. Last but not least, Iroin imposes limitations on the number of searches customers can perform per month, which can be detrimental for companies conducting extensive searches for suitable creators.


Iroin’s pricing is higher than other influencer search and analysis software options. In particular, their enterprise plan is significantly more expensive in comparison to influData.

Influencer Marketing Tools Pricing of an Alternative Software

5. HypeAuditor

Screenshot of an Influencer Analysis Software

The takeaway

An AI-powered solution for finding, analyzing, and managing influencers to support every step of your campaigns. HypeAuditor is another full-stack, AI-powered influencer search tool to find the best matches for your brand across social media platforms. The Influencer Analysis Software offers bespoke solutions to eCommerce companies, influencer marketing agencies, and enterprise brands. Designed for scale, HypeAuditor covers the entire workflow, from finding and hiring influencers to planning and monitoring your campaigns. Its database of over 75 million profiles is an added advantage. Note: This includes a lot of raw data that inevitably hampers the quality of search results. The real number of usable profiles is in fact much less, so don’t get blinded by this number!

What sets HypeAuditor apart

However, HypeAuditor’s search capabilities aren’t as sophisticated as influData’s. You can’t narrow down your search using in-depth filters; instead, you must do this manually. Besides, you can’t search and filter influencers based on their content.

Moreover, you can’t source nano and micro-influencers if you want to run niche campaigns with a tighter budget. You also can’t see or save content shared on Stories, which puts you at a disadvantage since you can’t measure the traction for stories.


HypeAuditor’s pricing is not available publicly. This indicates that they offer a significantly higher price point than other tools.

6. Modash

Screenshot of an Influencer Marketing Tool

The takeaway

A huge influencer database to find, analyze, and verify influencer profiles across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Modash is a versatile influencer marketing tool with a Discovery feature to find, vet, and hire influencers worldwide. It offers more than 200 million influencer profiles with detailed parameters to analyze each profile. Note: As we have stated before, these 200 million profiles include a lot of raw, unstructured data, rendering it unsuitable for professional discovery and analytics purposes In fact, it can even impede your search results. So please take into account that the amount of findable profiles is a lot less than this number. You can use a combination of influencer filters and audience filters to find the perfect brand-fit candidates for your campaigns. Moreover, Modash lets you run lookalike searches to discover great talent based on your previous experiences.

What sets Modash apart

However, Modash is mostly limited to finding and verifying influencers. It doesn’t work as a one-stop solution for managing your campaigns from start to finish. It also doesn’t have any data on YouTube Shorts influencers. Last but not least, Modash does not offer a Content Search, which will limit your ability to find the right creator for your company.


Modash has a higher price point than other influencer search tools. Their enterprise package in particular is more expensive compared to influData.

Finding and Monitoring Influencers with a tool of a competitor

Over to you: You’re all set to find brand-fit influencers with one of these 6 Influencer Search Tools

Influencer marketing will play a pivotal role in every brand’s success in today’s market. The effectiveness of your campaigns boils down to the kind of influencers you work with and how efficiently you can manage them.

With multifunctional influencer marketing tools like influData, you can win back hours of tedious effort you’d otherwise spend finding influencers. Plus, influData can automate many steps in your campaign to boost speed and maximize the results. 

influData’s unlimited search queries with more than 50 search parameters across the three platforms Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube/YouTube Shorts help you run laser-focused, niche-based influencer searches. And the best part is – this tool also helps brands find the right creators – no matter their type or niche. influData also gives you a fully-integrated solution for discovery, tracking, reporting, analytics, and campaign management. 

Try influData to see how it can change the game for you.