Community Management Feature

Boost your influencer marketing

Community Management

Revolutionize your Community Engagement

By using influData’s Community Management, you can increase the visibility of your brand without investing in costly advertising. With real-time notifications that inform you about new content from top creators and trending influencers, you can be one of the first to comment, thus increasing the visibility of your comments. These comments are more likely to appear at the beginning of the feed and receive more likes.

Our Community Management enables you to specifically react to content that fits your brand and improves productivity by efficiently integrating workflows and automating your social media activities, ultimately reducing manual effort.

Stay ahead of the competition with our Airtable view and set up notifications to always be aware of new postings that have the potential to boost your community management. influData offers this comprehensive community management solutions exclusively for TikTok.

"Get notified immediately when creators post content related to your brand, and be the first to comment, maximizing your brand's visibility."

Message from the influData Community Management Tool that indicates a new posting that is worth commenting on, after it might receive a lot of likes.

Feature Highlights:

Real-Time Notifications

Be the first to know with instant alerts on new content from top creators, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Maximize Engagement

Increase your brand’s visibility and engagement by being one of the first to comment on fresh posts, leveraging early interactions to stand out in the feed.

Custom Tracking Lists

Create and customize lists of creators that align with your brand’s values, enabling targeted engagement and streamlined monitoring.

Airtable Integration

Efficiently manage your data and automate routine tasks with our powerful Airtable integration, which supports syncing with essential tools like email and Slack.

Efficient Workflow Integration

Simplify your processes with easy setup and seamless automation capabilities that enhance workflow efficiency and reduce manual effort.

Display of a TikTok posting with a comment from your company via the influData Community Management, which achieved a lot of likes.

Key benefits

Increased Visibility

Early comments elevate your brand's presence, boosting exposure without the traditional advertising costs.

Cost-Effective Engagement

Engage with a larger audience in a more budget-friendly manner, maximizing your marketing investments.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Maintain relevance and stay top-of-mind with timely, creative engagements that truly resonate with your audience.

Targeted Marketing

With real-time notifications, focus your efforts precisely where they count, ensuring that you engage with the right content at the perfect moment.

Efficient Workflow

Our tools automate and integrate your social media tasks, significantly saving time and enhancing productivity, allowing you to do more with less.

A flow chart depicting the influData Community Management Feature. Everytime a new content piece is posted, influData's Community Management give you the chance to be one of the first to comment, thus gaining reach and engagement.