Eckes-Granini Use Case with an image of a bottle of hohes C Milde Orange

Eckes-Granini Use Case

Date: September 2023
By: Infludata Team
Reading time: 6 minutes

How Eckes-Granini successfully leveraged regionally relevant influencers

Initial situation and requirements for the tool

Influencer Marketing at Eckes-Granini

In the online sector, there has long been no way around influencer marketing, because the recommendation of an authentic influencer is almost as good as that of a good friend. Influencers can present the products extensively and give their recommendation. The successful beverage producer is happy to take advantage of this added value, as credible recommendations, among other things, are generated in this way, says online marketing manager Cornelia Zausinger.

“We only use authentic creators for our influencer marketing who identify with us and our products and also consume them privately to receive credible recommendations and place our products specifically in our target group.”

– Cornelia Zausinger, Online-Marketing-Manager, Eckes-Granini

In addition to authentic recommendations, Eckes-Granini attaches particular importance to increased engagement with its products and brand. The right tool for finding the right influencers plays a major role here. Especially when influencer marketing is done in-house and not outsourced through an agency, as is the case at Eckes-Granini Germany. And if an agency is called in to help launch a campaign, a tool offers the ideal opportunity to put the agency’s proposals through their paces.

This is where influData comes in, enabling Cornelia and her team to search for the right creators and check their KPIs.

In addition, the tracking of creators also plays a major role for Eckes-Granini. For the holistic influencer marketing approach, however, the company uses all the functions and KPIs of the tool to ensure that the influencers are a perfect fit for the brand and the values of the company.

The goal is to find long-term cooperation partners who fit the brand 100 % and at the same time deliver good quality and work professionally. This cannot be done manually and without the support of a tool. Before Eckes-Granini used influData, it was extremely difficult to gain insight into the creators’ KPIs. Insights could only be obtained via the influencers themselves. The evaluation was therefore difficult and the effort was very high:

“We were reliant on the influencer’s numbers and couldn’t check a creator’s reach at all, for example.”

– Cornelia Zausinger, Online-Marketing-Manager, Eckes-Granini

For the company, it was also difficult to implement fraud prevention before using influData, as it was only possible to question fake insights from influencers with great effort.

In addition to the classic KPIs for the assessment of an influencer (quantitative scores, performance, price, and engagement), the brand fit is particularly important for Cornelia and her team, as InfluData offers an excellent opportunity for an initial assessment of the creator through its overview. influData provides the answers to questions such as: Which other brands does the Influencer work with? Which other brands does the target group like? In addition, the app gives a quick overview of the content as well as finding organic mentions (reference to potential partners) with the content tool.

The most used functions of influData

Eckes-Granini uses influData for all its international target markets, such as Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden. Given the desire to avoid using multiple influencer sourcing and analysis tools for various markets, the software had to meet a wide range of high demands and requirements.

influData offers everything Eckes-Granini needs from a single source: qualitative assessments of the influencer in terms of their suitability for cooperation via the influData Quality Scores, demographic data of the audiences, and in terms of the quality of the followers or possible fake followers and fake engagement.

For its campaigns in Germany, Eckes-Granini wants creators with 70 % German followers. The same applies to the other target markets. Here, too, special attention is paid to the proportion of local followers. The Creators should appeal to the local audience and their followers should genuinely belong to that region. With influData, conducting such searches is effortless, providing filtered results in just two clicks.

“influData saves us valuable working time and allows us to detect fake insights from creators. Information that cannot be obtained manually.”

– Cornelia Zausinger, Online-Marketing-Manager, Eckes-Granini

Of course, Eckes-Granini also receives active inquiries from influencers. But the goal is to have long-term partnerships, and for that, we need a tool to keep the work from getting out of hand.

Eckes-Granini also makes extensive use of Collections and Audience Overlap to build up its databases for each brand. Cornelia and her team collect suitable influencers there and can also compare them directly with each other and thus, for example, display the target group of all artists in total and directly identify any overlaps in the audience.

Eckes-Granini also makes frequent use of the notes or custom fields that can be left with the individual influencers. This has improved coordination within the social media team. The progress with the influencer (inquiry history, organic product placements, findings after the collaboration, etc.) can be documented and remains the same even if the responsible employees change.

However, at the core of the search and analysis remain the hard numbers and figures: Analytics for the evaluation of influencers and the search for suitable cooperation partners, Search for the collection of suitable influencers for different campaigns and brands as well as the evaluation of these campaigns.

With influData, the team around Cornelia Zausinger has managed to get an overview of all the influencer’s relevant KPIs and an evaluation of the followers’ quality of. Something that was not possible without influData.

About Eckes-Granini

Eckes-Granini Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading brand manufacturers in the fruit beverage segment and stands for quality, enjoyment, and health with its top brands hohes C, granini, and Die Limo. The extensive product range is rounded off by the syrup brand YO and the children’s brand FruchtTiger.

With more than 550 employees at the production sites in Bröl (North Rhine-Westphalia), Bad Fallingbostel (Lower Saxony), and the administrative headquarters in Nieder-Olm (Rhineland-Palatinate), Eckes-Granini is a modern family-owned company that is guided by traditional values combined with environmental and sustainability awareness. Eckes-Granini works continuously to avoid and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a variety of measures. In addition, Eckes-Granini is involved in the Rynkeby Charity Cycle Tour with its dedicated team. The current Sustainability Report of the Eckes-Granini Group can be found at the Sustainability Report (